Amazing product

Elizabeth Deleo

I just love Jodi and Oscar. I’m such a big fan of your products

Darnell Arniola


Lynn Purington

My husband loves his shirt I bought him.

Julie Case

I found a T-shirt for a 12 yrs old boy’s Birthday, with your kind help, at the KPFA crafts fair. It is a handsome tshirt, and I’m proud to be giving it! Thanks

Judith Brown

Wonderful experience every time. Thank you Oscar and Jodi!

Jennie Phillips

Here’s the photo of me with my entire yypp wardrobe (37) and messenger bags (4), so now i’ll need three more to make 40….when is the first support group meeting?????

Sharon Stiles

Love is unique t-shirt. Folks at the booth were very friendly and knowledgeable. I’d hope to buy another shirt next time!

Lana Crum

Jodi & Oscar, Always great to see you. You’re both so friendly, fun to talk to and helpful. Happy Holidays! Wanda & Chris

Wanda Chin

Very pleasant vendor, nice quality product. Creative.

M. Josette Borland

Great people

John Higgins

Excellent shirts with awesome block print artwork. Second time for us!

Andrea Everett

Thank you for helping me find my size

Dennise M. Clark

Wonderful shirts. Seller very helpful selecting sizes and styles. Great shopping experience! Holidays are all set

Susan Cayleff

fun designs on the T-shirts

Geroge Bereschik

Super!! Come back soon. Love your art and your kind natures.

Linda Alm

Thank you! You guys are great!

Lauren Maden

Everything was great, quality product it was nice to be able to talk to the artist that made the shirts. I didn’t see a link to a website to order more items but went right to this survey i’s prob there I need to look again


Kenneth Young

Great people!!


Jo Smith

I love the quality of my shirt and it’s softness!


Susan Guinee

Love the designs & how they were made.


Catherine Meyer

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