How We Came To Work With Lagunitas


Jodi met Ron Lindenbusch, the then CMO of Lagunitas Brewing Company, at High Sierra Music Festival in 2006. She was introduced to him by David, one of the owners of the festival, with whom she had become friends with back in the Berkshire Mtn. Music Festival days.

The sun was warm and the music was loud, everyone was having a great time.

David brought Ron by the then “YeahYeah! “ booth, and says, “Ron, this is Jodi, she makes incredible shirts. Jodi, this is Ron, he makes great beer. Ron, Jodi should make shirts for you.” Ron, “Sounds Groovy!” With a hug, it was history from that point on.

Eleven years and many shirts later, YeahYeahPonyPrince has stayed loyal to their exclusivity “spit in a handshake” to the Lagunitas brand. Creating designs for shirts that stay true to the brand and add a touch of YeahYeah style.

Lagunitas is and has been a great partnership for which we are eternally grateful. Oh, and they make great beer! So go get some.

Thanks Ron! We love you.