Custom Logo Agreement

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • 1. YYPP creates one of a kind block-printed designs on clothing. Each printed product by YYPP is unique with variations in color shades of paint from one garment to another.

    2. YYPP will reproduce the existing client logo provided by client made by an illustrator or graphic designer. If client prefers YYPP to create the logo instead, then there is a one time charge of $900 for logo concept creation and revisions. YYPP will convert such logo provided by client into a unique hand painted artwork, which it will be drawn and carved into a linoleum block. YYPP will print this logo onto clothing to be sold to the client.

    3.The logo YYPP receives from the client is property of the client; however, the finished reproduction of the client’s logo YYPP will provide to the client ( either as a sample or as a final product), is property of YYPP ( property rights) and cannot be reproduced in any form (marketing materials on paper, web or clothing) without YYPP’s authorization or payment of additional fees.

    4. YYPP will charge client a non-refundable one-time service set up fee of $450 for the following services: Discussions (by phone or in person meetings), up to three revisions, drawing and carving of the logo on linoleum blocks. This service fee will include two linoleum blocks, one for a main image and another one for text or small accent block. Any additional block for a third image or text will be billed at $150 each.

    5. The final linoleum blocks created for the client, are property of YYPP.

    6. YYPP will begin drawing the logo after receiving a copy of this contract signed and the initial set up fee payment.

    7. YYPP will provide the client with a drawing sample on paper for approval. Once the client approves the drawing, YYPP will perform only 3 minor adjustments or less to the drawing. Any additional adjustments needed, will require additional fees.

    8. Once the client approves the final drawing, YYPP will not make any other adjustments to the logo and will begin to carve the linoleum blocks.

    9. Order pricing will be either retail or wholesale. Retail price is listed on YYPP ‘s website. For Wholesale pricing, please contact us to request a quote based on artwork and quantities.

    10. Minimum order is 72 pieces. To qualify for wholesale pricing, client must order a minimum of 72 pieces and at least 12 pieces of the same style, color and logo/design. Any piece that does not meet wholesale pricing criteria will be charged at retail.

    11. Payments accepted are credit card, company checks or PayPal. Final order payment must be received two days before the order is shipped or be paid on the same day of delivery.

    12. Terms are based on length on account as well as per year volume and considered upon approval.

    13. No refunds nor exchanges allowed on logo work.

    14. Client releases YYPP from any copyright design liabilities from the artwork provided by client .