Larry Womens Recycled Plastic Hoodie

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Super soft and cozy! Perfect layer for the beach, walking yer dawg, or just hanging with your homies. Oooh la la..:)
The Plastic is melted down into a liquid, which is then shot through a device called a spinnaker (looks sort of like a shower head), it then cools into a thread, which is then woven with the cotton and rayon.

“Larry Design” just Larry. He’s a schnorgi, you know, schnauzer/corgi. He’s a low ride with a big butt who can turn on a dime.

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2 reviews for Larry Womens Recycled Plastic Hoodie

  1. Pat

    A friend has the “squirrel “ sweatshirt and it is adorable. The artwork is so unique and endearing! I am purchasing one for another friend for Christmas. No doubt she will love it!

  2. Pat Bunderson

    Love the artwork and the idea that it is putting recycled plastic to good use.

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